Leadership Essentials
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">Foundations of Excellence</a>

Foundations of Excellence

Leadership and mastery begins with the self and extends outward as you grow your influence—one success at a time.

During this program we will explore 7 introductory concepts and practices that will help you set the stage for living a life of personal and professional excellence.

  • Course 1: Fundamentals
  • Course 2: Self-Mastery
  • Course 3: Understanding Systems, Inside and Out
  • Course 4: Sources of Personal Energy
  • Course 5: Control the Controllable
  • Course 6: Committing to Excellence
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">Architecting Focus</a>

Architecting Focus

Focusing on What’s Important Now (WIN) requires a clear alignment between your future, present, and past.  During this program you will explore a variety of time-based skills that will help you envision your future,  prepare for performance moments, track progress, and learn from every experience.

  • Course 1: Missions, Vision and Legacy
  • Course 2: Setting Goals and Strategy Planning
  • Course 3: Feedback and Score-carding for Success
  • Course 4: Time Maximization
  • Course 5: Preparing and Reflecting on Moments of Performance
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Attention Management

Life is full of distractions—from inside and out—even the past and future—keeping you from staying focused on the task at hand. In this program we will explore many dimensions of focus. From this understanding you will learn how to maintain focus on what matters most on the here and now—whatever the circumstance.

  • Course 1: The Dimensions of Focus
  • Course 2: The Power of Now
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">Building Your Personal Philosophy</a>

Building Your Personal Philosophy

Between principles and human thought lies your personal philosophy—the values that govern your every action. In this program you will explore the 4 themes and 8 elements of designing your own personal philosophy—a key skill for maintaining personal and leadership effectiveness every day.

  • Course 1: Building Your Personal Philosophy
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">Skills of the Mind 1: Thought Mastery</a>

Skills of the Mind 1: Thought Mastery

Master your thoughts and you master your life. From perception to self-talk, personal questions to generating powerful perspectives, this program is designed to help take control of negative thinking patterns and generate a new and more healthy inner climate.

  • Course 1: Reframing and Rethinking
  • Course 2: Self-Talk, Affirmations, and Personal Questioning
  • Course 3: Power of Perspective

Skills of the Mind II: Visual Mastery

It’s a powerful thing to manage one’s thoughts and perceptions. But learning to master your capacity to visualize what you want takes it to a whole new level. In this program you will master deep & brief relaxation while learning how to tap into the power of your visual mind in unique and powerful new ways.

  • Course 1: Deep and Brief Relaxation
  • Course 2: Visualization
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Coping, Resilience, and Happiness

It’s one thing to manage stress & challenges and  yet another to thrive when the going gets tough. In this program you will learn new strategies to master the difficult times, practices known methods to maximize your happiness—confirming that you have what it takes to excel under any circumstance.

  • Course 1: Understanding Resilience
  • Course 2: Coping Under Stress
  • Course 3: Generating Happiness
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Performance Nutrition

Off the radar of leadership education is the value of proper nutrition. Food is energy and without the right nutrients, leadership capacity is diminished.

This program was designed to give students the essential tools for understanding and practicing positive consumption habits to maximize long-term energy, health, and wellbeing.

  • Course 1: What is Nutrition
  • Course 2: Nutrients are Essential
  • Course 3: Key Components of Nutrition
  • Course 4: Food Choice

Physical Vitality

Without a healthy, strong, and resilient body, leadership is compromised. During this program the learner will explore the key principles and essential practices for maintaining a strong physical foundation. 

  • Course 1: Your Health Is a Valuable Asset
  • Course 2: Our Sedentary Crisis
  • Course 3: Ten Rules for Physical Fitness
  • Course 4: Creating Your Physical Fitness Plan
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Energy Management

Leadership requires energy and this energy must be managed. Beyond nutrition and exercise, leaders need to learn to manage their energy to avoid excess stress and burnout. This program is designed to help leaders learn to manage this precious resource.

  • Course 1: Stress and Energy
  • Course 2: Managing Your Energy
  • Course 3: Rules for Rest and Recovery
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">Emotional Intelligence</a>

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a pivotal factor in personal and professional success. A strong EQ increases your ability to master self, understand others, develop positive relationships, work effectively on teams, make difficult decisions, and communicate effectively—despite emotionally charged situations.

Individuals that complete this program have an increased sense self and other awareness, with greater capacity for empathy and understanding.

This learner has demonstrated a commitment to increasing his/her overall emotional intelligence knowledge by completing the following courses through Charlie Life & Leadership Academy:

  • Course 1: What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Course 2: Core EQ Elements
  • Course 3: Personal Emotional Competence
  • Course 4: Gain Control
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">Confidence</a>


Confidence is the bedrock from which the ability to lead yourself and others grows. A person with strong confidence can make tough decisions, learn from failures, handle ambiguity, manage negative thinking and execute on a visions.

  • Course 1: What is Confidence?
  • Course 2: Messy Thinking and It’s Affects on Confidence
  • Course 3: Confidence, Expectations and Self-Efficacy
  • Course 4: Improving Confidence
  • Course 5: Create What You Want
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">Interpersonal Essentials</a>

Interpersonal Essentials

Your success in Personal Excellence prepares you to expand your skills to interact successfully with others. Interpersonal Essentials looks at different types of interaction with individuals and provides you a variety of principles, models and tools to excel in bringing out the best in others.

  • Course 1: Foundation Five
  • Course 2: ORE
  • Course 3: Giving Feedback (FORE)
  • Course 4: Receiving Feedback (BEFORE)
  • Course 5: Coaching (CORE)
  • Course 6: Recognition (AMORE)
  • Course 7: Listening (LORE)
<a href="https://charlieacademy.lmscheckout.com/Course/featuredCourse">TEAMING Essentials</a>

TEAMING Essentials

Teams are critical to today’s workplace. Learning to be a constructive team member and leader involves understanding how teams form, function, plan, communicate, make decisions, solve problems, and other skills they use to become  a high performing team—key for any professional arena.

  • Course 1: The Fundamentals
  • Course 2: Core Skills and Decision Making
  • Course 3: Planning and Process Observation
  • Course 4: Problem-Solving Process