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We strive to provide the essential leadership knowledge and skills needed for success in today’s global economy.

- Bruce H. Jackson, CEO, Charlie Academy


Charlie Academy defines leadership as developing the capacity to influence, the core competencies that every leader needs in order to make positive change.

Once you master the basic skills of leadership, you can adapt them to every area of your life, from the personal and internal to the interpersonal and external in relationships, groups, organizations, and civic life.

In all these arenas, Charlie Academy teaches you to make decisions, formulate plans, overcome obstacles, and follow through.

Charlie Academy stresses attentional leadership, where attention meets intention, resulting in more effective influence and greater progress toward your goals.


Charlie Life & Leadership Academy is designed to work for a multitude of audiences and environments.

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Better prepare your students for trade schools, college admissions, and summer jobs.

Colleges & Universities

Give your students a competitive advantage when applying for graduate schools, internships, and jobs.


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